Current Name: Merk    NSBR Registration Number: 362
Original Function Class
Leisure Slipper Launch
Length x Breadth (m) Length x Breadth (ft)
5.99 x 1.04 19ft 8in x 3ft 5in
Location Current Use
Falmouth Cornwall Museum/NMMC
Date of Build
362 Merk.jpg
362 Merk.jpg
362 Merk2.jpg
362 Merk3.jpg
362 Merk4.jpg
History Key Dates
1912Designed and built by John Andrews of MaidenheadNMMC records
1983Presented to NMM by AndrewsNMMC records

MERK is one of two prototype Slipper launches designed and built by the son of the Andrews boatbuilding and hire company, John, when he was nineteen years old as a small launch for hiring on the river for the day, the class soon became very popular and because of the shape of the stern became known as a slipper launch. Soon after the WWI, MERK was sold to Arthur Whitten-Brown, famous as the navigator to John Alcock in the first transatlantic flight. It was Brown who gave the launch its name after his much loved Mercedes car. She was eventually sold back to her builders and subsequently presented to NMM in 1983. October 2007


Forerunner of class of motor launch that became and remains very popular on the Thames.